Add A Little Energy to Your Life

A topic that has been weighing is finding time to exercise. I am the KING of finding excuses to do ANYTHING other than what I should be doing right at that moment. Especially when it comes to exercising.

“I need to sleep in because I stayed up late” “I need to relax after being on my feet at work all day” “I need to make dinner” “I just ate” “RIGHT! That paper is due in 4 hours” “It’s midnight and I still have to shower” repeat.

Making time to exercise isn’t about sacrificing time and energy that you should be spending on other things. Like healthy eating, as opposed to dieting, it’s about incorporating constructive physical activity into your daily routine.

One example of this is the “Wife In the Shower Workout”

Or if you’re a TV watcher, be sure to get up during commercials and stretch. Maybe do a lap or 2 around the living area or the back yard. A few people have also come up with TV and movie exercise routines. The most ironic of which is…

Check out for a gazillion of these

And what about tag and racing and who can jump the highest? Why don’t we play these games anymore? You ever heard of a heavy spazzy kid? Playing and exercise are a WAY OF LIFE for kids.

Have some stinkin’ fun while getting in shape people!

And check out

That One Piece

Most people have a pair of jeans that fit them before their butt got too big. Or a shirt that use to be able to tuck in, but MUST have shrunk in the wash on the 100th time through the cycle. Or a dress that fit them perfectly before that rough patch in their marriage that lead to divorce and now they can’t even wear it to make him jealous.

My point is, our clothes express who we are because we choose what we wear. For many people it is one of the few daily artistic choices they feel comfortable making.

For this reason, I wanted to share with you my piece of clothing that I am dying to get in to.


I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it’s really quite special to me.

The lady on the right is my lovely wife, and the man in the center is my grandfather. He passed away not too long ago, and the green plaid shirt was his. It’s one of the few things of his that came to me after he passed, and it really brought me a lot of comfort wearing it unbuttoned with a shirt underneath. But I would really like to be able to wear it like he did. Shoulders back, head high, smile on my face, and buttoned.

I’ve always felt that out of everyone in my family, he had the body type closest to mine. For a long time I felt that was rather unfortunate because I am related to a number of tall and skinny folks on both sides of the family. But I would definitely say I am proud to be so well grounded physically and mentally because of my grandpa.

I certainly wouldn’t mind some of the older ladies at the church we both went to telling me how much I look like him the Sunday I stroll through the pews with my green plaid shirt buttoned and tucked in as best I can

18 days to go

Holy crap, how time has flown!

I’m feeling pretty good. I met a bunch of kahntestants yesterday and was AMAZED at how much weight everyone has taken off! It was great to see all of that, but it also made my 15 lb loss look measly.

But today today I was offered some major assistance by a family owned gym right next to my house!!! So now I’m feeling awesome!

It’s definitely been a ride.

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The Workout Playlist for Theatre Majors

In my decade of obsession with musical theatre, I have amassed DAYS worth of soundtrack music from plays, movies, internet sensations and the like. Only recently have I discovered that the playlist I made for myself to rock out to in the car(the singable songs playlist) is PERFECT for my time at the gym. It’s music I’m passionate about that gets me up and going.

But 10 years ago, I didn’t have this tool to help keep me going on those long runs I knew I needed but did NOT want to go on. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 songs that young performance lovers ought to look up and get on their iPod.
*Pro tip- go to ANY library and you will find most of these songs and a PLETHORA of fantastic soundtracks FO FREEEEEEE!!!

-Heaven on Their Minds – Jesus Christ Super Star
-Benjamin Calypso – Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat
-Rum Tum Tugger – CATS
-Gaston – Beauty and The Beast
-Cell Block Tango – Chicago
-The Wizard and I – Wicked
-The Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show
-Blow Gabriel Blow – Anything Goes
-They Live In You – The Lion King
-We Can Do It – The Producers
-Comedy Tonight – Something Funny Happened on the Way to The Forum
-Elephant Love Melody – Moulin Rouge
-Rent – RENT
-Ya Got Trouble – The Music Man (This is a major accomplishment NOT on a treadmill)
-Agony – Into The Woods
-All for the Best – Godspell
-Being Alive – Company
-Take Me to The World – Evening Primrose
-Falcon In The Dive – The Scarlet Pimpernel (A personal Favorite)
-Schadenfreude – Avenue Q
-Maria – West Side Story
-Good Morning Baltimore – Hairspray
-Ol’ Man River – Show Boat
-Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
-Under The Sea – The Little Mermaid
-Everything’s Commin Up Rose – Gypsy
-Edgar Allen Poe – Snoopy! The Musical
-Stars – Les Miserables
-A Man’s Gotta Do – Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog
-Granger Danger – A Very Potter Musical
-Harry Freakin’ Potter – A Very Potter Sequel
-Gilderoy – A Very Potter Senior Year

Sooooo I started writing and just couldn’t stop! Though I made sure not to repeat shows.

I use these songs to help regulate my breathing and keep me on the treadmill for song after song. I like to go to the apartment gym when it’s abandoned and belt my heart out and get fit at the same time.

What bizzare things do you do to make working out interesting?

The secret? Veggies

I just did the math and learned that I have lost about 6% of my net body weight in about a month. That’s 12 pounds in 30 days. By no means is that a small feat.

So what’s my secret? How on earth did I make that happen?


Seriously. Eating at Genghis grill, I’ve been able to increase my veggies intake to about 1/3 of my daily diet. Of course I’ve done other things that I’ve blogged about, but I would credit my achievement to eating lots and lots of veggies.

So here’s a list of the rabbit foods I’ve been eating and why I chose them in particular


Just 3.5 ounces of bell pepper will cost you 20 calories, no fat, and about 5 grams in carbohydrates.  Better yet, the carbohydrates are good–they’re also paired with fiber, which means this is a healthy carb that’s good for your heart.


Here are some of the things that onions can do for your heart:

  • Boost beneficial HDL cholesterol
  • Thin the blood
  • Retard blood clotting
  • Lower total blood cholesterol
  • Lower triglycerides
  • Lower blood pressure

These are all fantastic to help you get the most out of your work out


Broccoli is high in fiber, which aids in digestion, prevents constipation, maintains low blood sugar, and curbs overeating. Furthermore, a cup of broccoli has as much protein as a cup of rice or corn with half the calories.


Cilantro oil (derived from cilantro) has been found to assist the digestive system in the production of digestive enzymes.Regular intake of cilantro helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL).


I know, I know. NOT VEGGIE. But that’s ok. Tomatoes are one of 2 fruit options at Genghis grill(the other being oranges), so it’s vital to get tomatoes in your bowl to keep it nice and balanced.

Simply eating tomatoes will not cause you to lose weight. To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. Exercise causes you to burn more calories, but ultimately you will likely have to decrease the amount of total calories that you eat. This can be healthfully done by replacing or substituting low-calorie foods, such as tomatoes, for high-calorie foods. For example, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains, you can replace a 2-oz. portion of cheese or meat on a sandwich with tomatoes.

For a list of all the veggies GG offers, check out –

What veggies have you found are great for curbing the appetite and encouraging fat burning?

What’s New At the Grill?

I’ve been asked to try some of the limited time dishes at Genghis Grill and tell my readers what I think. I’m going to be completely honest because I want my readers to be able to trust what I have to say on the subject of weight loss and self acceptance.
So here is a summary of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the limited time dishes at Genghis Grill. Satrting with…

The Bad – The Cherry Chili Pork

Now, maybe I’m just not a pork person, but this protein was not appetizing at all. It was chewy and just bleh. It didn’t taste much different from the regular pork, which made me think, what’s the point?

The Ugly – The Pulled Pork

This dish ingredient was actually pretty good. It was savory and had a nice texture. But after watching and talking with one of the grillers, I found that it’s a very difficult ingredient to cook just right. And after taking a look at the nutritional info, I decided it wasn’t the protein for me.

The Good – The Cherry Chili Sauce


This sauce was phenomenal! I had originally tried it with the cherry chili pork, but decided to give it a second try on the sausage that I knew I would enjoy. The sauce was tangy and spicy and just a little bit sweet. Just delicious.

Now Genghis Grill hasn’t always had such a disappointing  record with their specials. Their partnership with Dr. Pepper resulted in the amazing Dr. Pepper BBQ Chicken, and the Mongolian Meatballs were sooo good.

It beats the McRib, that’s for sure